About Us

QUAD develops, manufacturers, integrates and sells all key components for NMR spectrometers by combining efficient methods in product development with its extensive range of skills and know-how.
QUAD Systems AG (QUantum Analytical Detection Systems) is a Swiss company founded by Dr Klemens Kessler with its headquarters in Zurich / Switzerland.

With decades of combined NMR experience, our specialists work within a network of selected, highly experienced partners all over the world, providing new innovative solutions with outstanding performance for demanding applications in NMR spectroscopy.

QUAD already holds a strong patent portfolio and will continue to grow its IP, expanding the accessibility of our innovations to the NMR community, demonstrating enhanced performance compared to current products on the market.

QUAD is establishing sales and support offices in all major global market areas to deliver our affordable and novel solutions, providing the highest possible customer benefit both technically and financially.

Dr. Klemens Kessler


With a PhD in Physics from ETH Zurich-Switzerland, Klemens drove NMR probe development as technical director for Bruker in Switzerland. With extensive experience and technical knowledge in innovation research and development, he brings his vision and expertise to build and grow QUAD Systems.

Dr. Jeremy Lea

 Commercial Director

Following a research career in resonance studies on drug metabolism, Jeremy joined Bruker occupying roles including Managing Director of Bruker UK. He brings great experience in developing sales, marketing and more importantly customer support. Jeremy is responsible for all QUAD activities relating to customer interaction.

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